Property Management

Property Management Services

As your professional Managing Agent, our aim is to simplify the property management process and provide our clients with exemplary and professional service, at a very reasonable cost. 

We will always aim to achieve the highest possible rental return from the most suitable tenant in the current rental market.

We will keep our landlords informed of the current real estate market and vow to always act in our clients’ best interest.

The core values of our agency are honesty, transparency, ethical real estate practices and a high level of knowledge of real estate legislation and practice.

Setting your Rental Price

Establishing a reasonable expectation of your investment property’s likely value takes careful consideration. Setting the rent too high may result in limited enquiry from prospective tenants, leaving you out of pocket if the property remains empty for an extended period of time.

Our Property Managers follow strict guidelines when appraising your property. We take into account comparable recent leases, your improvements, current market conditions and anything else that can possibly influence the likely rental value of your property.

A range of the current rental value is provided so you can make a sound decision based on your personal situation.  The higher figure will represent a possible price which may be achieved given time, and may be used to test the market. The lower figure will be an indication of the rental figure which may appeal to a tenant quickly.

A good quality, low maintenance rental property listed at a realistic rental price always leases quickly - no matter what the state of the rental market or the vacancy rate indicates. 

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