Choosing your Real Estate Agent


Your home could well be your biggest asset, and also means a great deal to you emotionally. You must choose a real estate agent you can believe and trust.

If you choose an agent solely on the estimated selling price promised, you could be making a big mistake. Many sellers have found the prices quoted by some agents and the final price they receive are very different.

We will always tell our clients the truth – this is a promise. We have thousands of happy clients who are more than willing to share their experiences with you.

Wagga Real Estate Agent - house inspectionWHAT IS YOUR PROPERTY WORTH?

Your property is worth the highest price that a skilled negotiator can get the best buyer in the current market to pay.

With years of experience in the industry, our sales team is able to provide an accurate selling price range by researching comparable sales, and taking market conditions and other variables into account.


‘Your Property – Your Choice”

We are super flexible - you can choose to save money or market hard depending on your individual needs.

No matter which marketing plan you choose, all buyers who are appointed to inspect your property will be qualified to check affordability and ascertain if finance has been arranged.



Many purchasers will ask the agent “what will the owner take?”

Our Sales Consultants will NEVER quote any price other than the asking price, unless we are specifically instructed to do so by the Vendor.

The purchase price offered is only the beginning. Being experts in negotiation we work on your behalf to achieve the best terms and conditions for you.

When deciding on an offer, you should also consider settlement date, deposit options and whether finance needs to be obtained.